COVID Updates

Click here for updates to closures, protocols, sanitizing & current news regarding The Blood Center's response to the COVID virus.

Donor Rewards

The Blood Center knows that our donors make an extra effort to be heroes, so we reward you for your lifesaving gift! Every time you donate blood, you get to choose your donor rewards:

Donor Recognition Item

We always have a great t-shirt or other promotional item that you're sure to love!

Blood Assurance

Donors selecting the Blood Assurance option received one year of unlimited blood coverage per blood beneficiary. Learn more about Blood Assurance.

Blood Replacement

The Blood Replacement program was established to support patients with pre-existing illnesses and patients who are not already covered under Blood Assurance. Learn more about Blood Replacement.

From The Heart Club

By choosing this option, you join a pool of other blood donors who send children with cancer and chronic hematologic disorders to a non-profit summer camp known as Camp Challenge.

Global Blood Fund

When you choose this option, The Blood Center will contribute to the Global Blood Fund, which sends basic supplies (beds, chairs, scales, etc.) to blood donor centers in developing countries.

Points for Life

Points for Life is a way of thanking donors who donate on a regular basis. Donors receive points with each donation. The level and frequency of point accumulation depends on the type of unit collected.

  • Whole blood donors earn 100 points
  • Apheresis donors earn 150 points
  • Double Red Donors earn 300 points
  • In addition, every third donationĀ in a calendar year receives 100 bonus points!

Accumulated points can be redeemed for special items and gift cards in the Points For Life Store!