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My Results is a service of The Blood Center that allows you to sign in and view your cholesterol results as they become available. Registration is completely optional and you will still be able to check their cholesterol with just your unit number without having to register by using the box at the bottom of this page.

Registration does offer some benefits, such as never having to remember your donation's unit number and opt-in email notifications for when your results are ready and when your next donation eligibility date is coming up.

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You can still check your cholesterol without a My Results account by entering your unit number below.

Your unit number should be located on a label on the green sheet you received at the time of your donation. It begins with a W and is exactly 13 characters in length, for example W067112000000. The W is automatically inserted, so be sure to only enter the 12 numbers that follow the W. Only enter what is outlined in red below.

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