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Donors needed as blood usage at area hospitals is increasing

Posted by Tiffany St. Pierre on May 5, 2020 3:34 PM

New Orleans, LA. – Community blood supplies are approaching dangerous levels that could jeopardize patient care since the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals are resuming elective surgeries and The Blood Center needs donors immediately to ensure an adequate supply of blood and blood components to meet patient transfusion demands.


“We are collecting approximately one third of our average daily collections. The decreased needs were due to restrictions on elective surgeries and fewer trauma related injuries during stay at home orders” says Billy Weales, President and CEO of The Blood Center. “We’ve temporarily closed half our centers due to staffing concerns and cancelled most mobiles blood drives. We now need to collect more at fewer locations. We need the public to respond now to replenish regional supplies and meet patient transfusion therapy needs. We ask donors to schedule their donations and we need each day to be completely booked in order to maintain an adequate blood supply for the hospitals we serve.”


Dr. Tim Peterson, Medical Director for The Blood Center adds, “hospitals anticipate a significant increase in blood usage with the lifting of restrictions on elective procedures, including chemotherapy and bone marrow/organ transplantation. Until restrictions on individual travel and business reopening ease, we need blood donors to visit our centers to help meet the increasing demands. Please visit one of the six currently open donation sites to schedule an appointment.” For more information on blood donation, please call 1-(800) 86-BLOOD or visit The Blood Center is active on social media at @TheBloodCenter. 


The Blood Center, a nonprofit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors, is the primary supplier of blood and blood components to more than 50 area hospitals and outpatient facilities throughout Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. The Blood Center operates 12 donor centers in the Gulf South.

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