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Blood donors urged to give today to avert a critical shortage

Posted by Paul Adams on January 22, 2018 9:00 AM

Closures of schools, roads and businesses have drastically affected blood supplies at area hospitals and blood donors are urged to give immediately to avert a critical shortages.

The Blood Center will extend hours at community donor centers today as needed and encourages all eligible blood donors to give and bring a friend to become a life saver as well.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with winter conditions shutting down roads and businesses in the last month. Pair that with holidays and extremely high seasonal illnesses and we’re left with a dangerously low supply of blood and blood components” says Paul Adams, Public Relations Manager for The Blood Center.

"What we're seeing this year -- the influenza season started earlier and seems to be peaking right about now,” Dr. Daniel B. Jernigan, director of the Influenza Division in the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) at the CDC, told ABC’s Good Morning America.

Current collection levels continue to decline due to low donor turnout, increasing illness and adverse weather conditions making it more challenging to consistently meet routine needs for blood and blood components throughout the region, to say nothing of the potential usage generated by any trauma situation that could arise. Visit to find a donor center in your area of call (800) 86-BLOOD to organize a community blood drive for your school, business or religious organization.

Every type is the right type, as all are in demand, and while 60% of the population is eligible to donate blood, less than 5% does it. To maintain a healthy and stable community blood supply, The Blood Center must collect between 300 to 350 pints of blood every day.

The Blood Center, a nonprofit organization led by a volunteer Board of Trustees, is the primary supplier of blood and blood components to more than 30 area hospitals and outpatient facilities throughout Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. The Blood Center operates 10 donor centers in the Gulf South. 

Blood is traditionally in short supply during the holidays, yet the demand for blood and blood components is constant. Find The Blood Center on social media at @TheBloodCenter.