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The Blood Center Issues a Statement Regarding the Recent Tragedies

Posted by Paul Adams on November 6, 2017 3:46 PM

In the wake of yesterday’s tragic shooting in San Antonio, The Blood Center urges type O- blood donors to give today.

“The Texas church shooting is a somber reminder that only the blood donated before a catastrophic event is available to patients and area hospitals when needed for transfusion. Yesterday TBC was asked to help with type O- red blood cells for our neighbors near San Antonio”, says Billy Weales, President and CEO of The Blood Center.

Type O- is the universal blood type and is usually used when a patient requires an immediate transfusion, before a patient’s blood type is known. Type O- blood often falls below what’s consider adequate inventory levels due to massive transfusion protocols. “The Blood Center was unable to assist South Texas, as our own inventory levels were not sufficient enough to provide assistance outside of our region. With a minimum 24 hour turnaround time from donation to possible distribution, it is vital to the life of those injured that consistent donations are provided each and every day to sustain adequate supplies of all types on hand locally to respond to crisis situations that occur” says Weales.

Donations made yesterday and in the days prior help patients today. Without consistent and regular donations, situations like this tragic shooting that require massive transfusions to save patient lives, would not be possible.

Regular blood donations help The Blood Center provide blood and blood components to over 30 area hospitals for patients throughout Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. Groups interested in hosting a blood drive should call 800-86-BLOOD to schedule an event.

The Blood Center needs to collect 300-350 units of blood daily. Visit one of The Blood Center’s 10 area donor centers or a mobile blood drive in the next few days to prevent any disruption in patient care. The Blood Center needs adequate inventory levels consistently to prevent impediments in patient care.

Any healthy individual 17 (or 16 with a parental consent) and over 110 lbs. can donate whole blood every 56 days. Visit or call us at 800-86-BLOOD to schedule a donation. Bring a photo ID and be sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids prior to your donation.