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Posted by Amanda Chittenden on August 7, 2013 12:55 PM

August is National Minority Donor Awareness Month.

The month is dedicated to educating and making minorities aware of the need for organ donations, bone marrow donations and blood donations within their ethnic groups.

The Blood Center recently launched its Heart2Heart Empowered to Save 3 Lives community outreach program, which is designed to educate and increase the number of blood donations in our community, specifically targeting minority groups such as African-Americans.

WHY should African-Americans roll up their sleeves to make “Heart2Heart” blood donations?
Although blood is universal, African-Americans have traits that make their blood unique to the African-American community. Often, African-American patients who need transfusions require an exact match of certain blood traits of the donor with their own. Because these traits are inherited, a patient's most likely match is
another family member. However, over 70% of African-Americans cannot find a type match within their own families. Therefore, they depend on the generosity of the community blood center to find a donor who will match those unique traits.

Please see the link to learn more about the Heart2Heart program. If you are interested in booking a Heart2Heart blood drive at your school, work, place of worship or with your community group, please contact Donna at