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Statement Regarding the Williams Olefins Plant Explosion

Posted by Amanda Chittenden on June 13, 2013 9:07 PM

Statement Regarding the Williams Olefins Plant Explosion

New Orleans, LA -The Blood Center stands ready to support Lifeshare Blood Center whose hospitals received the overwhelming majority of the injured from the Williams Olefins plant explosion in Geismar today. To the people inquiring how they can help: the best way to help people injured in tragic or unexpected events is to have the blood readily available as soon as they need it. The donations that come in the wake of the tragedy help to replenish what was used to help in the immediate aftermath. Also, remember that there are patients each day going through their own personal tragedies and crises that rely on the generosity of strangers to provide them with the lifesaving blood they need. 

“Blood that is needed the day of a disaster has to already have been donated, which is why it's critical to donate blood year round,” Billy Weales, President and CEO of The Blood Center.

So, like an emergency room of a hospital, The Blood Center must be prepared to respond to patient emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. One simple blood donation can save up to three lives right here in our community. The Blood Center must collect between 300 to 350 units of blood every day to maintain a stable community blood supply. The Blood Center encourages people to become regular donors by donating blood every 56 days. 

Donors must:
1. be in good health;
2. weigh a minimum of 110 pounds; 
3. be at least 17 years of age to donate blood. Sixteen year olds can now donate; they must weigh at least 130 pounds and have signed TBC parental consent form. 
4. have a picture I.D.
5. Donors are encouraged to eat a healthful meal and drink plenty of fluids before and after donating. 

The Blood Center is a non-profit community service dedicated to providing blood and blood components to patients throughout Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. For more information on blood donation, please call (800) 86-BLOOD.