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Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that can be sent to mobile devices without having the TBC Mobile app open. These messages pop up when The Blood Center sends a notification to your device. You can control what messages are sent to your mobile devices.

In the Edit Account page, you can specify what kinds of push notifications are sent to your mobile devices with TBC Mobile installed. Enabling these options in your My Results account alone will not allow push notifications to be sent. You must also log in to your My Results account on your mobile device and allow push notifications to be sent. Once the device successfully registers, you will see it on the Devices page of your account.

Push notifications are sent at the same time as emails, about 12:00 PM every day, as needed. If there are no notifications to be sent to your device, you will not receive one.

Notifications are available on all three TBC Mobile apps: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. There are three different notifications that are sent if they are allowed and enabled by you in your My Results account:

  • Cholesterol results are ready to be viewed
  • Your next donation date is 7 days away
  • News and important information from The Blood Center