The Blood Center
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Go For The Gold

Go for the Gold is being updated to better serve our donors. We anticipate re-opening our store in Mid-May with a catalogue of options. All donations made after 12/31/14 have been recorded and are being added to your account.

“We started Go for the Gold as a way of rewarding regular donors. At the time it was a pioneering concept that many other blood collecting agencies incorporated” says Cory Bergeron, Vice President of Marketing and Donor Recruitment with The Blood Center. “In our first year of Go for the Gold, we saw a significant increase in single to multiple donations from donors. But as time went on and technology became more advanced, we wanted an alternative that would be easier and more rewarding for our platelet and multi-gallon donors.”

Starting January 1, every donation made to the blood center counts as a point. Points will continue to accumulate year after year till they are used as long as donors attempt to give at least twice per year.

The catalogue will continue to grow as we add choices. We will continue to offer a rainbow of The Blood Center polo shirts, but there will be options for electronics, gift cards, perhaps event tickets and more.

We look forward to sharing with you the redesign of our rewards program in the next few months and thanks for donating.