The Blood Center
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Financial Donations

Even if you can’t donate blood, you can still help save lives!  Contributions made to The Blood Center Foundation help support TBC’s ongoing educational and community outreach programs dedicated to the procurement and provision of blood components, and help to provide technical support, research and testing critical to the communities we serve.

22-month-old Blake Brazen
Click here for details on his progress.

Financial contributions help TBC to:

  • Recruit and retain blood donors
  • Increase awareness about the ongoing need for blood and blood components
  • Purchase bloodmobiles for blood drives
  • Update and maintain donor centers, labs and the mobile fleet
  • Enhance the collection, testing and processing of blood products
  • Support job training

Types of Gifts:

  • Individual financial contributions
  • Corporate sponsorships of programs or events
  • In-kind corporate donations
  • Making a contribution in someone’s honor or memory
  • Naming TBC in your will

Giving is Easy:
(All Financial contributions are tax deductible for income and estate tax purposes.)

  • Mail a check payable to The Blood Center Foundation to:

    The Blood Center Foundation
    2609 Canal St.
    New Orleans, LA 70119

    If your gift is in honor of or memory of another person, please include the following:
    Name of person to be recognized
    Name and address of person we should notify of your gift
    Occasion if a celebration (e.g. birthday, graduation, etc.)

  • If you would like to discuss corporate sponsorship of an event or blood drive, please contact Suzy Potter at or call her at (504) 939-9609.