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Mobile App

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Current version: 1.2

The Blood Center now has a free mobile app designed to give you quick access to information on the go!

The app has been designed, developed, and published by The Blood Center and gives you quick access to many features including:

  • GPS-aided location of nearby donor centers, including directions, phone number, and location hours
  • Current promotions
  • Recent news from the TBC website
  • Cholesterol and blood typing results
  • Full My Results support
  • Push notifications for cholesterol results and next donation date
  • Go For The Gold rewards and information

The Blood Center's mobile app uses your current location (with your permission) to find the blood donation centers nearest to you and provide you with directions to the TBC donation center of your choice. Your location or any information about, stored on, or entered into your device is not sent to TBC nor is it stored in any form by TBC or TBC's app. Cholesterol and blood typing results require a valid donation unit number that is provided to you at the time of donation. A working internet connection on your device (Wi-Fi or cellular data such as 3G or 4G) is required for most features of the app. The Blood Center is not responsible for any data usage, overages, or other carrier charges associated with data usage whether the TBC Mobile app is used over Wi-Fi or the cellular data network.

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